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Standards For Access To Addiction Medicine Services

Only about 10% of people, who need addiction treatment, get that treatment. Why? The causes are complex, but one core problem are barriers to systems of care. This is especially true for people with the double and triple stigmas of addictive illnesses, serious mental health conditions and incarceration. As first steps to addressing these ‘silos of care’ barriers for patients with addictive illnesses, The California Society of Addiction Medicine (CSAM)’s Integration and Access to Systems of Care Committee experts have written these guidelines for distribution. They recognize that incarcerated settings, licensed addiction treatment settings, and community-based behavioral health systems live under various funding streams, and differing regulations and statutes. However, any foundation for advancing care in these systems will depend on a foundation of evidence-based addiction medicine treatment. CSAM hopes these brief guidelines can be used by leaders and advocates to advance good medical care for people with alcohol and substance use disorders in these three systems of care.